Wednesday, November 27, 2013

End of the Year 2013 Read-a-thon

I haven't posted in here in a while because of school, but I'm looking forward to focusing on reading challenges once more during my winter vacation. :-) It's going to be a great end of the year for my reading goals if I don't spend too much time online. ;-)

So my goal for this challenge is to read 3 books:

1.City of Bones - Cassandra Clare
2. Bittersweet - Sarah Ockler
3. Last Days of Summer - Steve Kluger

I'm going to try to read these books, but I might switch it for other books, depending on my mood. :-)

EDIT: I changed my goal to 3 books to make it more manageable. I've been busy sending out Christmas cards and going on errands so that has made me read less. :-( But I will really work on finishing this read-a-thon well. :-)

If you're like me, you probably have a lot of books that you've been planning to read! Why not join this read-a-thon and enjoy the books you've been meaning to read for a while? :-)

Sign up at

RESULTS! : I did not do as well as I wanted to. It's been a busy time, but I did manage to finish most of City of Bones before the end of the challenge. Hopefully with my next read-a-thon it will be much better. :-)


  1. Thanks so much for signing up!! Hope you get a lot read!

    1. Thanks, Dana :-) I wish the same to you!

  2. The Last Days of Summer was SO GOOD, I read it recently and recommend it to ANYONE. Great book that anyone could enjoy! Thanks for joining in the fun!

    1. Cool! I don't know anyone else who has read it except some members of a Good Reads YA book club that I'm in. My copy of the book has been passed down from a couple of group members, and I'm mailing it back to the first person who sent out the book once I finish reading it. :-)