Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Throwing Letters Away

Today I spent 2 - 3 hours throwing away old pen pal letters. For many years I resisted doing this, because I believe that hand-written letters are precious and much more special than e-mails and text messages. My mother kept telling me for years that I should throw away my letters. And finally I see the wisdom in doing so. I've been keeping letters from many pen pals who no longer write to me, even pen pals from my childhood who I had forgotten about until I sorted through their letters today. I kept letters from pen pals who wrote short replies, including one page replies written on memo sheet-sized paper. I kept letters from a girl who manipulated me and made me feel like dirt even though I considered her a best friend. Now I see that throwing away these letters gives me a sense of closure. I am moving on with my life and getting to know new pen pals. More letters come to my mail box each week. I have too much junk and I don't have room to store all my letters, as cool as that would be. Of course I am still keeping some old letters, especially the really special, thoughtful letters that were written to me. But now I see it's a good idea to get rid of letters from pen pals who no longer write to me, pen pals who are toxic people, and pen pals who write very short letters. I must admit I had to throw away some letters from a good pen pal of mine, but only because I had way too many from her, all written on notebook paper. I've been writing to her for years :-) Her words are in my heart, though, and I'm still keeping her latest letters.

What about you? How do you feel about throwing old letters? Do you think all letters should be saved, or is it okay to throw some away?

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